West Pilbara Iron Ore Project

Pilbara Region Iron Ore Deposits & Infrastructure

The West Pilbara Iron Ore Project ("WPIOP") is one of the largest independently owned undeveloped direct shipping iron ore projects in Australia, held by the Australian Premium Iron Joint Venture Partners ('API JVPs') - Aquila and AMCI(IO) (held by AMCI and POSCO).

The Ashburton Project, also known as the Onslow Iron Ore project, is a key venture developed in partnership with Aquila, AMCI, POSCO, and MRL. Aquila holds a 22.5% stake in the project. The reserves of the RHIOJV tenements are estimated at 537 million tons (57.3% Fe), with resources amounting to 820 million tons (56.5% Fe). The project will have the shortest pit-to-port distance in the industry, with iron ore transported 150 kilometres from the mine site to the port. In a world-first, the product will be transported by jumbo autonomous road trains via a dedicated, fenced, and sealed haulage road. Once the product reaches the Port of Ashburton, it will be shipped via fully enclosed transhippers to Capesize vessels anchored 40 kilometres off the coast. The project is currently under construction, and the First Ore on Ship (FOOS) is expected in June 2024.

Growth Potential

While Aquila's current focus is on developing the RHIOJV, the WPIOP also boasts significant further growth potential. With a total JORC Resources of 2,837Mt across the extensive WPIOP tenement portfolio in the Pilbara, the API JVPs are well positioned to develop further Projects in the future. There is also significant potential for further growth in iron ore resources on  API's extensive tenure footprint.